About the Blog and the Blogger

The reason this blog exists:
To Glorify God

The reason this blogger exists:
To Glorify God

A little more about me:
I'm a city mouse who wishes she were a country mouse.  I live in the suburbs but dream of having a ranch and a reason to shop at Tractor Supply Company.  I have been gifted with a twin sister who is a country mouse.  I adore her.  My life has been an adventure.  I've survived child abuse, alcoholism, depression, grave sins of the heart, and all with a cheery, optimistic, outlook on life (well, most of the time).  God has pulled me out of the mud and I am no longer surviving.  I'm genuinely thriving!  I have been blessed.  Almost 10 years ago I married the strongest man on the planet (who has shown his strength by staying married to me!).  He is the spiritual leader in our home and makes a mean stack of pancakes.  His love for me is the perfect picture of Christ on this Earth.  (And I am that darned church.)  My daughter is quite possibly the sweetest, most compassionate and caring 7 year old ever.  Ever.  She is wise beyond her years and has been blessed with a double portion of faith.  You would think, after listening to her prayers, that she is a 90 year old pastor.  Seriously.  She gets it.  Blessed?  Yes, I am!

The reason you're reading this blog:
Because the Holy Spirit brought you here and has complete control over 
what information you process from reading the blog.  
Not really. 
But wouldn't that be cool?!!

So you tell me why you're reading.
I would love to get to know you.
So I encourage you:

Share What You're Learning!!