Monday, March 28, 2011

The Servant’s Obedience

Isaiah 50:4-9
The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary.  He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.  The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears, and I have not been rebellious; I have not drawn back.  I offered my back to those who beat me, my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard; I did not hide my face from mocking and spitting.  Because the Sovereign Lord helps me, I will not be disgraced.  Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know that I will not be put to shame.  He who vindicates me is near.  Who then will bring charges against me?  Let us face each other!  Who is my accuser?  Let him confront me!  It is the Sovereign Lord who helps me.  Who is he that will condemn me?  They will all wear out like a garment; the moths will eat them up.

How fantastic is this?  Can you imagine that the Father woke Jesus up every morning?  And Jesus woke up and listened 'as one being taught.'  Think about that for a minute.  Jesus IS God.  He doesn't need the Father to teach Him.  He knows everything.  Yet He is obedient and respectful and awakes and listens.  I can imagine that I would be a rebellious teenager, rolling over, explaining: "Dad!  I already know everything!  Now, let me sleep!!"  Eeksters.  I do that a lot anyways.  I really pray to be more obedient and have the blessings that come from honoring and listening to my Heavenly Father.

And then...
Isaiah 52:13-15
See, my servant will act wisely; he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.  Just as there were  many who were appalled at him – his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any man and his  form marred beyond human likeness – so will He sprinkle many nations, and kings will shut their  mouths because of him.  For what they were not told, they will see, and what they have not heard, they will understand.

Even when Jesus knows the pain that is coming, He submits to the Father.  And He does it because He is obedient and He knows the price that must be paid.  This is the price for my sin. 
It is hard to even comprehend the suffering that Christ endured.  I want to shut my eyes.  I don’t want to even think of it.  The price He had to pay for me.

At the very least He deserves my reverence.  My worship.  My obedience.

And so I obey.  I share.  I tell of His love and His suffering.  I share so that you may know this Holy Savior of mine.  And I pray that you have accepted His love.  His redeeming love.  We no longer have to live intimidated by people or pressures of this world.  We are free!  God has not abandoned us.  His strength is lifting us up.  He holds us and if we trust Him, really trust Him, we cannot fall.

What are you being called to do?  Is He asking for your obedience in a situation?  Can you trust that He will care for you as you obey?

My prayer is that you will be filled with a spirit of obedience.  Not obeying because you might be beaten or punished if you don’t.  But obeying because it is the least you can do for this amazing, wonderful, sacrifice that our Lord Jesus has given for us. 

PS.  A little more information about me: I'm a snoozer.  I love my sleep and I really love my bed.  Really.  If you would like to pray for me I could use the specific prayer to wake up, ready to listen and obey.  Thanks!

PPS.  As you probably noticed, the picture in this post has nothing to do with this post.  I was looking for images of morning, freedom, love, obedience.  I gave up.  So there ya go. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

To the Ends of the Earth

Last week we at BSF were charged with taking God's love to the Ends of the Earth.  OK, it wasn't just us at BSF.  Actually every one of us has been commanded by God to take His message to each of the four corners.

I immediately thought of you.  My readers.  I only have 5 dear ones who are 'following' this blog. 

NOTE: I don't need actual followers to ensure that His message is spread.  He deserves all the glory and He will ensure that those who need to see His message get the opportunity.  On this blog -  or anywhere else for that matter.

I  do want to share a bit of how amazing God is.  The stats page from this blog show that there are readers who are indeed very far from the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas. 

204 United States

9 Germany

4 Czech Republic

2 Canada

Very close to the ends of the Earth!  Wow.  I have two dear friends in Germany.  I pray that they are reading (Hello, Boris & Simone!).  I've never met anyone in the Czech Republic or Canada.  But God's people are there.  His children.  His loved ones!  I pray for each of you that God has your heart and my Savior is yours also.

So welcome to all of you who are reading.  I appreciate you and God loves you more than you can imagine.

I pray that you'll see His love here!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He Loves Us

Sometimes I wonder why God wants to remind us over and over in Scripture how lowly and sinful we are.  He made us.  He certainly could have made us flawless.  He could have kept the free-will off the table and allowed us to be perfectly behaving shiny pretty little robots.  And sometimes I wish He would have.  (Quite frankly, me and my free-will have made a mess of this thing called life.)  We wouldn’t need to go through the pain and separation that sin brings.  We could skip gleefully along in complete ignorance of how great the love of our God is.  

Wait, what?

That’s right.  

It might be that He wants us to see how low we are 
just so we can realize how big His love is.  

Not because we deserve His love. 
Not because we’re pretty and shiny and skipping gleefully. 
No, He wants us to know that when we’re face down in the mud, He loves us. 
He wants us to know that when we’ve made a big mess, He loves us.

Confessions of a Human Being

Lately I've written a lot of posts.

What?  You don't see them here on the blog?

Well, that is because, being the human that I am, I wrote, read and re-read, edited and then decided I wasn't a good writer and what the heck was I doing with a blog anyways.  Do you ever have those days?  Or weeks?

Thankfully, I was reminded this morning at BSF that this blog isn't about me!  Hooray.  I feel much better.  (Thanks, Jennifer!!!)

This blog is about bringing glory to God.  He knows I'm human - and now you do too.  I'm not the best writer.  I ramble.  I have the attention span of a goldfish.  I jump around like a jack rabbit.

All that to say, I apologize.  If this blog isn't all that you had hoped it would be.  But mostly I apologize for not posting regularly and for being self-centered.  And letting the purpose of the blog fade from site.

Now that all that is off my chest....  time to start PUBLISHING some of those posts!