Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He Loves Us

Sometimes I wonder why God wants to remind us over and over in Scripture how lowly and sinful we are.  He made us.  He certainly could have made us flawless.  He could have kept the free-will off the table and allowed us to be perfectly behaving shiny pretty little robots.  And sometimes I wish He would have.  (Quite frankly, me and my free-will have made a mess of this thing called life.)  We wouldn’t need to go through the pain and separation that sin brings.  We could skip gleefully along in complete ignorance of how great the love of our God is.  

Wait, what?

That’s right.  

It might be that He wants us to see how low we are 
just so we can realize how big His love is.  

Not because we deserve His love. 
Not because we’re pretty and shiny and skipping gleefully. 
No, He wants us to know that when we’re face down in the mud, He loves us. 
He wants us to know that when we’ve made a big mess, He loves us.

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