Monday, April 18, 2011


We went to church on Palm Sunday and heard the most amazing message. 

In Matthew 14:13, Jesus is mourning the horrific death of his friend, his cousin, John the Baptist (or as my pastor calls him - JTB).  Jesus withdrew by boat to a quiet place.  No doubt spending time with His Father, looking for comfort and peace, as we all have at some point when we're heartbroken.

Well, the crowds saw Jesus and followed Him on foot from the surrounding towns.  They needed healing and when Jesus saw them He had compassion.  He stopped thinking about His broken heart and He gave all He had to heal them. 

The disciples were there, of course, and went to Jesus when it was getting dark.  They told Him that He should send the people away so that they could go to town and buy dinner. 

And Jesus replied, "They do not need to go away.  You give them something to eat."


You feed them.

And at that point Jesus turns His ministry to the disciples and gives them the responsibility. 

He is asking them then, as He is asking us now, to be His hands and His feet to the world.

Yes, you.

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