Monday, February 7, 2011

How Quickly We Forget

I posted on 2/3, just four days ago.  I just re-read that post and was shocked.

Since then I have done my bible study lessons, read my bible, prayed, attended a Christian woman's conference and I went to church. 

And guess what else I've done...  I have struggled with doubts.  Doubts that I was worthy of my husband's amazing love.  Doubts that God really knew what He was getting when He chose me (I must have sneaked in under His radar).   

Serious soul shaking doubts.

I tell y'all this for two reasons. 
  1. This blog is going to be an open honest space.  I'm going to share my thoughts, emotions, and my soul.
  2. To warn you that when you start looking for God in your life and praying for His purpose, His plan, His will, the Evil One is going to be hot on your heals.  
I know for a fact that I don't get much of Satan's attention when I'm going about my daily life until I really start trying to live for God.  And then the whispers begin.

Whispers that I could never be good enough for Christ's perfect love.  Whispers that I don't deserve my husband who has loved me even through the most devastating year of my life and our marriage.  These are the little foxes that ruin the vineyards of our lives my friends.  Of course we aren't worthy of Christ's perfect love.  That is the reason He had to die on the cross.  There is no way we could make it to heaven without Him.  But just because we aren't worthy does not mean that His love is kept from us.

Only the Truth from Scripture can squash the Lies of Satan.  And so I go back to my bible and I pull the verses that I need to remember, the Truth that I need to shout when Satan is whispering.

Keep your eyes open, my friends. 

Be aware of the Truth and don't believe, even for a second, anything else.

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