Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Can I share with you a few tips that really help me keep my prayer life real?

  1. Pray daily.  Many times a day.
  2. Talk to God.  Talk to Jesus.  They know your heart and can understand your words.  You don't have to get all King James on them.  Prayer doesn't have to be made complex or extravagant.
  3. The Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf and is ready to do the praying for you if  you don't know what to say.  Ask for His help.
  4. If you tell someone that you'll pray for them, for goodness sakes DO IT.  Don't let 'prayer requests' be a thin disguise for Christian gossip.  God knows the difference.
  5. Pray daily.  Many times a day.
If you need some material to work with please consider the following:

Victims of the recent tornados.
Children with pediatric cancer.
Our world leaders, our pastors and our emergency personnel.
Folks who are lost in this world and don't have a home to go to.  
The mentally ill suffering silently or in hospitals and prisons.
Your friends, family and most of all your enemies.

Remember to be THANKFUL, ASK FOR FORGIVENESS, and PRAISE GOD in each prayer.

Something my sisters (have I mentioned that I have 5? and a brother) and I always said before going to sleep:

Say your prayers... sweet dreams... I love you... Good night!

Nighty, night my sweet readers.

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