Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Wheelbarrow

I came across this story last year while I was on the road to trusting God with my life.

The Wheelbarrow Story goes something like this:

Charles Blondin was a famous tightrope walker in the 1800's.  He had done amazing stunts all over the world and had never fallen.  His manager had seen him perform many times.  The two men came to Niagara Falls where Blondin would string a rope across the raging falls.  Many people came to watch him as he walked the rope.  He walked blindfolded.  He walked on stilts.  He rode a bicycle.  The crowd was very impressed.  Charles Blondin then pushed a wheelbarrow across the falls on the tightrope.  His manager, who had seen him many times do these tricks, was there.  Blondin asked this man if he trusted that he could push the wheelbarrow back to the other side of the falls.  "Of course!  I have seen you do this before.  You have never fallen!  Of course, I believe you can do this.  I trust you."

And Blondin said, "Then get in the wheelbarrow."


I have known God my entire life.  I have believed in Him.  I have believed His word. 

But I found that believing and trusting are not one in the same.  It wasn't an easy thing to do.  To make a decision to get in the wheelbarrow.  It was, in fact, the scariest thing I've ever done.  And I continue to make that choice each morning.

Safety should not be our god.

The safest place to be is with God Himself. 

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